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Vol 4, Issue 1 - Winter 2006


Jean-Pierre Torrell, O.P. "St. Thomas Aquinas: Theologian and Mystic." 1-16.


G.J. McAleer. "Business Ethics and Catholic Social Thought." 17-28.


Giovanni Sala, S.J. "Fallible Teachings and the Assistance of the Holy Spirit: Reflections on the Ordinary Magisterium in Connection with the Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian." 29-54.


Michael Torre. "Francisco MarĂ­n-Sola, O.P., and the Origin of Jacques Maritain’s Doctrine on God’s Permission of Evil." 55-94.


Book Symposium, 95-200.
The Future of Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A Constructive Conversation
by Luke Timothy Johnson and William S. Kurz, S.J.


Book Reviews, 201-222.
R. Trent Pomplun
Grant Kaplan
Robert Fastiggi
Fulvio Di Blasi
Bevil Bramwell, O.M.I.



Vol 4, Issue 2 - Spring 2006


Michael Dauphinais & Matthew Levering, "Deus Caritas Est...." 223-226.


Denis Farkasfalvy, O. Cist. "How To Renew the Theology of Biblical Inspiration?" 231-254.


Bernhard Blankenhorn, O.P. "The Instrumental Causality of the Sacraments: Thomas Aquinas and Louis-Marie Chauvet." 255-294.


Romanus Cessario, O.P. "'Circa res ...aliquid fit'" (Summa theologiae II–II, q. 85, a. 3, ad 3): Aquinas on New Law Sacrifice." 295-312.


Peter A. Kwasniewski. "Doing and Speaking in the Person of Christ: Eucharistic Form in the Anaphora of Addai and Mari." 313-380.


Nathan Lefler. "Sign, Cause, and Person in St. Thomas’s Sacramental Theology: Further Considerations." 381-404.


Charles Morerod, O.P. "Eucharistic Communions as a Christian Contribution to Society." 405-428.


J.L.A. West. "Simplicity, Divine Causality, and Human Freedom: A Critique of Eleonore Stump’s Aquinas." 429-446.


Book Reviews, 709-718.
Thomas Osborne
Andrew Hofer, O.P.
Daniel A. Keating
Daniel van Slyke
Guy Mansini, O.S.B.
G.J. McAleer



Vol 4, Issue 3 - Summer 2006


Basil Cole, O.P. & Francis Belanger, O.P. "The Immaculate Conception, St. Thomas, and Blessed Pius IX." 473-494.


Lawrence Dewan, O.P. "St. Thomas, Norman Kretzmann, and Divine Freedom in Creating." 495-514.


Fulvio Di Blasi. "Law as 'Act of Reason' and 'Command'." 515-528.



Gilles Emery, O.P. "The Question of Evil and the Mystery of God in Charles Journet." 529-556.


Steven A. Long. "Providence, Freedom, and Natural Law." 557-606.


Thomas M. Osborne, Jr. "Thomist Premotion and Contemporary Philosophy of Religion." 607-632.


Thomas Joseph White. "Von Balthasar and Journet on the Universal Possibility of Salvation and the Twofold Will of God." 633-666.



Edward T. Oakes, S.J. "The Paradox of Nature and Grace: On John Milbank’s The Suspended Middle: Henri de Lubac and the Debate Concerning the Supernatural." 667-696.


Lawrence J. Welch. "John T. Noonan’s A Church that Can and Cannot Change: An Evaluation." 697-708.


Book Reviews, 709-718.
David B. Burrell, C.S.C.
Tracey Rowland
Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M. Cap.



Vol 4, Issue 4 - Fall 2006


Denis Farkasfalvy, O. Cist. "Biblical Foundations for a Theology of Inspiration." 719-746.


Michael Gorman. "Inspired Authors and Their Speech Acts: A Philosophical Commentary on the Essay by Denis Farkasfalvy." 747-760.


Olivier-Thomas Vernard, O.P. "Literary Mediation of Knowledge and Biblical Studies." 761-786.


Gregory Vall. "Israel’s Participation in the Prayer of Christ: A Response to Olivier-Thomas Venard, O.P." 787-798.


Kenneth Schmitz. "The Ingathering of Being, Time, and Word and the Inbreaking of a Transcendent Word." 799-814.


Matthew L. Lamb. "Temporality and History: Reflections from St. Augustine and Bernard Lonergan." 815-850.


Lawrence E. Frizzell. "Worship, the Bond Between Time/Space and Eternity: A Reflection on the Essays of Kenneth Schmitz and Matthew Lamb." 851.


Francis Martin. "Election, Covenant, and Law." 857-890.


Richard Schenk, O.P. "Views of the Two Covenants in Medieval Theology." 891-916.


Book Reviews, 917-940.
Andrew Dinan
Eduardo J. Echeverria
Christopher Kaczor
Rodrigo J. Morales


Bishop Charles Morerod

Congratulations to Bishop Charles Morerod, O.P., Associate Editor of the English Edition of Nova et Vetera, on his episcopal ordination and appointment as bishop of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg, Switzerland.


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